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Dental Implant Frequently asked Questions...

Answered by Dr. Nan Pitipong Srichaiyoruk

Does it hurt?

– Yes, it does hurt. Is there any kind of surgery that won't hurt? Normally for implant surgery the patient might have Mild to Moderate pain, depended on how extensive the surgery is, normally the patient will feel almost the same of after tooth extraction or wisdom tooth surgery. The pain can be controlled by Pain Killer such as Ibuprofen, Neurofen. No pain, no gain, Lots of pain, Tons of gain, Am I Right?

•How long does it last?

–Life expectency of Dental Implant is more than 9 years but if you can take care of it well, it will be healthy and be together with you for the rest of your life as your natural tooth/teeth. Sometimes it can last longer than us.

Why does the price is different in each brand?

–The implant brand is like the car, different company produces different quality of implant and also using different technology and so on. The complication in each case is different too. That’s why it's so much different in each brand. At Thai Smile we are trying to select good quality of dental implant from big and reliable companies from all over the World to be options for you, which you can see from our options.

Which one is Best? I really can't tell, but I like Nobel BioCare from Sweden. If I would have an implant on myself, I would take that one.

Why dose it so expensive?
–Because dental implant made from Titanium alloy which is a kind of expensive metal alloy, the manufacturers use high scientific technology to develop the implant to be better and better and researchers work hard to improve it’s quality.
–Material cost involve with dental implant treatment is expensive.

–Dentist who can service dental implant treatment need to get special training which has very high tuition fees or training fees.

Will I feel like a natural tooth?

–Similar, You will feel less pressure than what you feel on natural tooth but you will not feel any sensitiveness.

Why does it take so long time?

–Our body bone healing is slow, human Bone Healing normally need about 6 months to complete healing. Dental Implant is a Titanium alloy screw that put in the bone, we have to wait for the bone to heal and attached around its, to be tight and stable.

What can I chew or Eat?

–You can use it as your natural tooth/teeth, normal food such as bread, vegetable and meat are okay, BUT anything hard such as Ice cube, Peanuts, hard food or hard objects seems NOT Okay.

How can I clean it?
–Clean it as your natural tooth/teeth, pay more attention for it by using dental floss or super floss.

–Dental implant is more susceptible to infection than natural tooth, so, please, keep it clean if you don’t want to loose it.

Would my crown or Implant decay?

–No, the problem which normally happen with dental implant when you can’t clean your teeth well is Peri-implantitis. It’s almost the same of Gingivitis but harder to treat. So, please keep your teeth and implant always clean and meet your dentist every 6 months, then you will have your nice and healthy smile for a long long time.

•If I smoke cigarettes, Do I have to stop smoking ?

–All kind of oral surgery, it is better if you could stop smoking because smoking will make your mouth dry and make the wound dry. Smoking also decrease blood supply to thw wound which will delay or retard the wound healing process. That’s why when you get dental implant surgery, you should stop smoking.

•How long do I have to stop smoking ?
–We recommend to stop 6 weeks before surgery and 6 weeks after surgery ( 12 weeks in total). It sounds insane saying this!.
–For someone who smoke to stop it for 12 weeks, you might think if you can stop 12 weeks, then you can stop forever! But I haven’t seen anyone could do that, if you are a smoker, could you?
–So if you couldn’t stop smoking 12 weeks for your implant, just decrease it as much as possible and use normal saline ( or salt mixed in warm water) to rinse your mouth after you finish smoking each cigarette.

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