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How to deal up with Tooth Ache?

Tooth Ache
  This is some suggestions from Dr.Pitipong Srichaiyoruk (Dr. Nan)

Thai Smile Dental Clinic, Pattaya, Thailand.

Nobody wants to have tooth ache, but sometimes something unexpected happen. You may not understand how painful is it if it's not happen with you. For someone who is having it, you may feel like that is a surprise from Hell.

These are some suggestions from me to take the pain away from you.

1. Take some pain killer (Medication)
In case of you can not find a dentist to meet at that time, Medicine near you may help.

Mild pain :Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) such as Tylenol.

Moderate pain : Ibuprofen, Neurofen or any strong pain killer.
Sever pain : Meet a dentist or doctor for that.
2. Take the tooth out! (Tooth extraction)
Tooth Extraction

If the pain really come from the tooth and you don't want to keep it. Take it out is another option.

After tooth extraction, you may have some pain from extraction, but this pain should be less and less and should be relieved by pain killer.


3. Root canal treatment (RCT).

Root canal treatment

In case of you have infection of tooth's nerve or around the tooth root and you would like to keep that tooth. Root Canal Treatment is a treatment of choice to get rid of the infection inside tooth nerve (dental pulp) and around the tooth root's apex.

More information about Root Canal Treatment Click Here


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